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Web Questions? Billing/Order Questions? Registration Questions?



Web Questions?

How do I begin shopping?

To begin shoping make sure you are a registered buyer. Registration is a one time process. Click Here to register now. After you have completed registering you are ready to shop. Click on the "Products and Services" button located at the top of the page. The select you topic of interest from the CATALOG SECTIONS. Pick the product you are interested in and configure the product until all your selections are made. After that add the product to your cart and either check out or shop for more products.

What do I do if I forgot my buyer id and/or password?

If you have forgotten your buyer id/and or password please contact Larry Wells for assistance.

Where are services such as print and embroidery located?

Print and embroidery are located within our catalog section. Click on "Products and Services" and they are listed to the left.

What if I want to know more about a certain feature?

If you click on the heading of the feature section and additional information about that specific feature will be there. For example, if you wanted to know more about a chairs tilt feature you would click where is said Tilt Options and information regarding those tilts would appear.

What do I do if all my options are unavailable?

If all you options are unavailable this probably means that you are using Netscape. To successfully view and shop our site online customers must use Internet Explorer. If you do not have Explorer please download this free version.
Internet Explorer (PC)
Internet Explorer (MAC)

I have selected to enter my own laminate or fabric, Where do I enter this information in?

When you enter the shopping cart you will be given a field to enter what color you would like.

Billing/Ordering Questions?

How do I know my order went through?

When you are done checking out make sure that you click on the submit order button. After you do this a screen will appear saying "Thank you for your order, your acknowledgement will be emailed within 24 hours." If you do not see this screen your order did not go through. If you have questions please contact Larry Wells by email or at 608.240.5243

When are you delivering my order?

The status of an order can be checked on the website. Under the Products & Services section there is a button called Order Status. Just enter you Buyer ID and Password and all online orders will appear by sales order number (Your sales order number is listed on your acknowledgement).
For furniture orders you can also contact IDC by email or at 920.324.6883.


How can I buy online from BSI?

You must be a registered buyer in order to purchase off our website. You can register online. regostration is a one time process. If you would like to register now Click Here. The registration form takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Do I have to have a credit card to place an order?

No, Although we take credit cards you do not need one to place an order. We also accept Purchase Orders and Direct Billing.

What if I want to pay with my credit card, what do I need to do?

If you would like to pay using a credit card you must be a registered buyer whether you are purchasing items online or not. If you are not a registered buyer and would like to paying using you credit card, please click here.

I have a quote from BSI, can I pull that up to place an order?

Most quotes are created on paper and therefore cannot be rolled into an order. In this circumstance it's best if the customer enters the order online so they'll get the 2% discount. A few quotes are created on our website. In these cases the order can be rolled into an order but not by the customer. When our order entry staff roll a quote into an order the 2% discount is not applied. So, bottom line, if you want the discount you must enter the order, yourself, online.

Registration Questions?

Why do I have to register?

Badger State Industries has a limited market. To find out more read Who can Buy.

How long does it take to get approved after registration?

It takes approximately 24 hours before your registration gets approved. You will get an email conformation letting you know you have been approved and that you can start buying.

What if I have a question on the registration form?

All the registration fields have explanations or information when you click on the field. For example, if you where to click on the first field *Buyer ID: A new page would come up telling you: Enter your own, unique, buyer identification. You, the buyer, will be required to enter this ID each time you make a purchase on-line. Make it something easy to remember, perhaps our own work computer long-on ID. Both upper and lower cases are allowed, however we will ask you not to use spaces or the following four symbols (*,-;) in your ID.
If your question is not answered in the explanation please contact Larry Wells 608.240.5243.