Adpot-a-Highway signs can be seen on many Wisconsin roadways. These seven color signs ares screened on High Intensity Prismatic sheeting on top of aluminum.

Other Adopt-a signs include:

  • Adopt-a-Trail
  • Adopt-a-Lake
  • Adopt-a-Road
  • Adopt-a-Boat Landing
  • and more...



We have snowmobile and ATV signs for every trail in a variety of substrates.








Weight Usage Edge Printed Sides Grommets Misc
10 oz. Light Weight Interior Not Hemmed One Yes  
10 oz. Light Weight Interior/Exterior Not Hemmed One Yes  
Heavy Duty Interior/Exterior Not Hemmed One Yes Non-flammable
Brass Plaques
  • Our bronze plaques stand the test of time -they last virtually forever!
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes -utilizing logos, artwork or pictures.
  • Vandal resistant - can be repaired and refurbished to factory new appearance.
  • Timeless and Elegant - bronze plaques provide an image of prestige and performance.


Crime Prevention
Badger State Industries offers two different types of Crime Preventions signs, The Generic Eye and The Neighborhood Watch sign. We offer vinyl decals, yard signs, bumper stickers, window stickers and reflective aluminum signs in the Generic Eye and only reflective aluminum for the Neighborhood watch. The Neighborhood Watch signs can be customized to have your city logo put in the upper right corner. The words "Welcome To Our Community" will be color matched to your logo.



We offer many different types of exterior signs:

  • Monument
  • Post and Panel
  • Pan
  • Dimensional Cut-outs
  • LED

We also offer custom design services.


Fire Prevention

This Smokey the Bear kit comes with everything you need to help prevent wildfires. Smokey the Bear is ink jetted on High Intensity Sheeting and is 72" tall. The sign kit comes with all the signs shown above (wood is not included). The window sign comes with 5 danger levels: EXTREME, VERY HIGH, HIGH, MODERATE and LOW. The kit also comes with a steel box to store your signs. This is an all-in-one kit to create your Smokey the Bear Prevention Sign.

Badger State Industries also offers Farm Fire Control Signs. These signs are available in aluminum in two different sizes: 17x6 and 8x24.


Highway and Traffic

We offer hundreds of different highway and traffic signs. Each sign is screened on High Intensity Prismatic sheeting and is available in new or hydrostipped aluminum. There are 5 different types of highway and traffic signs: Regulatory, Warning, Construction, Route Markers and Informational.


Badger State Industries knows that maintaining an effective and safe road system for pedestrians, bicycles, and motor vehicles is an exhaustive challenge for transportation officials around the world. Traffic congestion, road conditions, and information signs demand their attention. And the cost of maintaining quality signage is rising. Badger State Industries decided to take on the problem of rising signage costs by investing in a cost-efficient and
environmentally friendly Hydrostripping system. The result is an innovative and economical solution for saving tax revenue and natural resources.

Hydrostripping is a revolutionary method of removing all grades of reflective sheeting from signs of all shapes and sizes, utilizing ultra-high pressure waterjet technology. This
environmentally friendly system does not use chemicals or sanding belts, nor does it produce any hazardous waste. In addition, Hydrostripping does not harm the corrosion resistant coatings that have previously been applied to the sign blank. The refurbished sign blanks are ready for re-facing and produce extensive savings over the cost of buying new aluminum. Hydrostripping is endorsed and certified by all of the major reflective sheeting manufacturers.

The Wisconsin DOT has been BSI's partner in the development of the Hydrostripping
industry. State regional offices are established collection sites. Consider joining BSI's growing list of state, county and municipal customers that are saving real money with refurbished sign blanks.

Refurbish, Recycle, Reuse. Call it whatever you want, the Hydrostripping process is the
perfect environmental and fiscal answer for rising sign costs. Energy and natural resource consumption are minimal in comparison to using new aluminum. Everybody knows, replacing worn and damaged signs with new reflective sheeting materials provides increased safety for motorists and pedestrians alike. Refurbishing, Recycling, and Reusing sign blanks with the Hydrostripper system is a cost-effective method for saving money and conserving natural resources.



We offer many different types of interior signs:

  • Lock Signs
    An inexpensive sign system in classic design and sturdy material with a unique lock system

    Wall sign, projecting sign, suspended sign, meeting room sign and desk sign.
  • Systems 290
    A classic sign system

    Modular, Plaques, Wall signs, pin signs, Wayfinding signs and more.
  • ADA
  • Custom Acrylic

Sign families can be customized to
meet your needs!


Your high quality camera ready artwork is output on vinyl, then laminated between .020 Lexan and an aluminum or PVCA backing (Aluminum backing is .080 aluminum PVCA backing in customer choice of .125'' or .25'' PVCA) with high pressure rollers. These signs, designed for outdoor use, are UV resistant, vandal resistant, nonreflective and are excellent for detailed, high quality artwork. For Indoor use, medium protection, 2 mils thick film overlaminate is applied instead of Lexan.

Laminated signs are standard with square corners and without mounting holes NOTE: If mounting holes are required, please, specify so on the order. Holes drilled by the customer will damage the integrity of the sign and void any warranty

Sign sizes are always expressed as Width X Length and are available in sizes up to 36"x36"

We also offer sign frames.



We also offer:
ICS Laminated Posters

These 24" x 36" ICS form posters are made of flexible 0.023" white polyblend with Teflon overlaminate. The clear coating allows the instructor/commander to complete with a dry erase marker, erase and reuse the posters.


The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident
management concept in the United States. It is a management protocol originally designed for emergency management agencies and later federalized. ICS is based upon a flexible, scalable response organization providing a common framework within which people can work together effectively. These people may be drawn from multiple agencies that do not routinely work together, and ICS is designed to give standard response and operation procedures to reduce the problems and potential for miscommunication on such incidents. ICS has been summarized as a "first-on-scene" structure, where the first responder on a scene has charge of the scene until the incident is resolved or the initial responder transitions incident command to an arriving, more-qualified individual.

No Smoking
We offer many different types of No Smoking signs for different applications. No Smoking signs can be customized to fit your needs.


Park and Rec

All park and recreational symbol signs are aluminum substrate with engineer grade reflective sheeting. The standard color for park and recreational signs is brown. Optional colors are red, green, or blue. The not allowed symbol is available in black on white with a red "not allowed" symbol.

There are six different types of recreational symbols:

  • Facility
  • Accommodations
  • Water Recreation
  • Land Recreation
  • Winter Recreation
  • General Recreation

We also offer numerous trail signs on a variety of substrates, colors and sizes.



Standard Steel Flanged Channel Post
FP-1060 6' Post, Holes 1" on Center
FP-1080 8' Post, Holes 1" on Center
FP-1100 10' Post, Holes 1" on Center
FP-1120 12' Post, Holes 1" on Center

Lightweight Steel Flanged Channel Post
FP-1066 6'-6" Post, Holes 1" on Center

Round Tubular Post
TP-1100G 10' Post 2" Galvanized Structural Steel


Carsonite Composite Posts


Street Name Signs

  • High grade aluminum substrate (base material)
  • Top quality engineer grade reflective sheeting is standard
  • Standard colors are Black, non-reflective, letters on White reflective background and White reflective letters on a Green reflective background. Other color combinations also available for an upcharge. Logos can be added to street names signs
  • Easy to read upper case letters are standard
  • Choice of flat .080 aluminum or heavier duty
    aluminum extrusion
  • Sign length determined by shop based on length of street name
  • High Intensity sheeting upgrade available on flat blade signs only
  • Mounting hardware, posts and individual sign blanks can be purchased separately


Badger State Industries can customize any sign to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of materials such as, aluminum, PVC, masonite, and more. We can use custom artwork created by you, or our design staff can create designs specifically for you. Contact our sales department for more information.
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